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Live2D rigging commissions for streaming and face tracking (Vtube Studio recommended.)
Please read the Terms of Service and pricing guide carefully. Please DM me on Discord, Twitter or e-mail me for further inquiries.
Discord: chris ge#0540
Email: [email protected]
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Terms of Service

Please read this and ask for clarifications if needed.Keep in mind I am currently a full time university student and will need around 3 months maximum. Updates will be sent at least once per month, or every time I have reached a checkpoint in the rigging process.Before inquiring for a commission slot, please ensure you have read the following:


  • Please ensure the PSD is rig ready. If significant layers are not properly cut, I may point out possible mishaps, and can offer cutting services for an additional fee, or you can find someone else to cut. (Ensure you have permission from the artist to do so.)

  • Pricing and time required may increase based on model's complexity.

  • Please allow at least three months prior to your debut. I only accept rush jobs (+fee) during the month of December and June to August.

  • I have the right to decline a commission.

  • I do not provide the live2D file itself unless requested. Please Do not modify the rig without my explicit permission.


  • Please send as much detail as possible before I begin rigging to avoid misunderstandings and possible revisions.

  • I will send work in progress clips per checkpoint. It is up to the commissioner to request revisions as early as possible.

  • I offer 1 major revision and 2 minor revisions. Any additional revision will be made with an additional fee.

  • Any revision required due to my own error will be done for free.


  • Please credit me as your rigger on your streaming platform and/or your social medias in which any videos of the rigged model are posted.

  • My twitter handle @shirogem or rigging shirogem carrd URLs are accepted as proper credit.

  • Please provide the artist's links so I may credit them fully.

Payment & Pricing

  • Full payment upfront by default, half payment is negotiable.

  • For international clients, Stripe/Paypal are accepted. Payme/Alipay accepted also for Hong Kong clients only.

  • Please pay the invoice/send payment within 48 hours.

  • I will not start a commission unless half payment is received.

  • Refunds are only available if I cannot finish the commission within 3 months, or if any foreseen issues that may arise on my end.


  • Before beginning the rigging process, I will ask for explicit permission about how much I am allowed to share. Ie. rigging on Twitch stream, WIP clips on twitter, etc.

  • Once the model is debut or revealed publicly, I have the right to post a video showcasing my rigging for portfolio purposes. If the model has not been revealed within 4 months, I have the right to reveal the model on my social media and portfolio.

  • Do not use any of my work for projects involving cryptocurrency or NFTs.

Please note that the following prices are in USD and include commercial usage rights for Vtubers/creators.

  • Prices listed are an estimate for the base rig. (Excluding any extra components)

  • Simple toggles and sticker expressions can include body and/or face angles.

  • Complex toggles can include props with additional physics, tracking and/or animations.

  • Prices for complex toggles and outfits may vary greatly depending on complexity. Please discuss with me for an accurate quote.

  • For modifications and additions to existing rigged models, please ask for further inquiry.

TypeRiggingCuttingSimple ToggleComplex Toggle
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art by taugeeee

Status: Currently closed.
Chibeans are fully drawn and rigged chibi commissions offered by taugeeee and shirogem.
When chibeans are offered again, we will announce it on our Twitter. Pricing information and commission interest will be collected through this google form when responses are open.